Shannon has written, produced and directed award-winning documentaries and news features that have aired on The History Channel, PBS, ABC, Reelz Channel and BusinessWeek TV.

Her work on creative teams for advertising, marketing and communications projects include generating concepts and client proposals, writing scripts for video, TV and radio, and writing content for print, web, social media and internal corporate communications. 

Shannon's creative approach encompass integrated marketing strategies from concept to completion, as well as maintaining the client's unique voice with influential emotional impact for each target audience. Previous clients include Multiple Sclerosis Society, Petco, Pitney Bowes, Seimens AG, Sempra Energy and many non-profit organizations with a focus on benefiting women and children.

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Video  & Television Script Samples

Shannon was on a creative team tasked to create, from the ground up, this engaging one-hour, 13-episode documentary series for The History Channel that profiled WWII and Korean war veteran's tales of triumph and tragedy during their tours of duty. The pilot episode featured Shannon's own Grandfather, a decorated WWII veteran who freed a concentration camp and was awarded the Bronze Star for putting his own life at risk to protect his fellow soldiers.

The Veteran's Project


Dailies: For Real?

As a part of the half-hour entertainment news series, "Dailies", Shannon wrote and produced an innovative regular segment for the program that explored the scientific realism in current blockbuster movie releases. The segment, titled "For Real?", posed that very question to scientific experts using movie clips and celebrity interviews regarding hit movies such as I Am Legend starring Will Smith, Into the Wild directed by Sean Penn, and National Treasure: Book of Secrets starring Nicholas Cage.​

Petco Web Series

In this 7-part how-to dog grooming video series for Petco's YouTube channel, Shannon joined the creative team to write this uniquely branded digital content. Dog lovers and pet parents alike learned just how to find a pet stylist, bathe and groom their furry friends, and what to do when the dreaded skunk encounter happens. ​

Pitney Bowes: Milestones

When Pitney Bowes reached it's 100th year in business, they wanted to commemorate the occasion with a series of "milestones" videos to play for its employees during an annual corporate meeting. Shannon's challenge was to create compelling videos that captured the century of innovation the company and its employees had achieved as industry leaders in shipping, mailing, digital and global commerce - all without shooting even one minute of footage, using only exiting company materials and creative graphics treatments.​

Print & Marketing Sample

Leap to Success Banner Campaign

I Leap. I Am. is the re-branding campaign for Leap to Success, a non-profit organization that empowers women with confidence and self-esteem to overcome abuse, addiction and homelessness. 

Shannon's goal in creating this campaign was to illustrate the inspiring journey these battered women go through as a part of the Leap to Success programs with simple yet powerful visuals. These women transform from despair, having lost their children, their homes, and their dignity, to women who have picked themselves up and made lasting mental and physical changes enabling healthy relationships, jobs and lives. ​